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Current and Weather conditions

Current conditions

The water movements in the Sound (Öresund) depend on the weather system, the wind and the air pressure in Skagerrak, Kattegat northwards and Baltic Sea southwards.
Therefore the current directions in the water outside Limhamn may change between running north-northeast or running south-southwest. The force can be between 0,5 – 3 knots during Summer season. The direction may change during a day and sailors ought to take notice of this. During the change of current the direction may vary. Over shallow waters the current may run slower and the direction can change some degrees.


Weather conditions in Limhamn

The weather can be really nice in the south part of Sweden during the Summer season. Temperatures between +15-25 degrees Celsius in the air and a little lower during nights are common. July and first half of August is Holiday time in Sweden The water temperature during July is normally +20-22 degree Celsius. Rain may occur and is most frequent when the wind comes from south, west and north. Easterly wind are often warmer and dryer as it comes from the inland. The wind force use to differ between 0-15 m/sec. Storms and strong winds are rare during Summer and are more ordinary in October and November. 

The best weather reports for the Limhamn area are in order:

1. www.dmi.dk  (Danish Meteorological Institute)
2. www.smhi.se (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute)


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