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Very welcome to Malmo Sailing Club and its sailing school. 


The courses you will find below are the courses we offer at the moment, which are certified by The Swedish Sailing Association (Svenska Seglarförbundet) and using textbooks from RYA (Royal Yachting Association). All courses are following the guidelines of The Swedish Sailing Associations syllabus. 


After attending a course at MSS you will be given a diploma together with a MSS-boat certificate of the boat you have sailed. Note that not all participants succeeds to achieve a certificate, all depending on the examinations during the course. By having a MSS-boat certificate you may rent the boat you attended the course in. 


  • Beginners course small keel boat (C-55) - Adult (from 20 years)

For those adults who have not sailed before and lack knowledge of sailing, but feel they want to learn to sail a keel boat, we offer evening classes every Sunday from 13:00–16:00, 1st to the 29th of September (5 occasions, 15 hours in total). By attending the beginners course you can expect all basic knowledge regarding sailing and being able to sail a smal keel boat in and out of a harbour in winds up to 8 m/s. 


Cost: SEK 2550 incl. booking fee of SEK 500 + 2019 year membership fee.


Number of places: 3 


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